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Condorcet.Vote ?

Condorcet.Vote provides a simple and comprehensive way to promote the use of alternative voting systems from the Marquis de Condorcet method. We bring no warranty as to the results obtained, and we reserve the right to discontinue service at any time of general or specific.

Condorcet.Vote is based on a number of free technology, some derived created for the occasion. Consider, however, any other element is the exclusive property of Mr. Julien Boudry and is governed by French law.

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Condorcet PHP

Condorcet.Vote is largely based on the open source Condorcet PHP library, using it to calculate both the election results for its advanced functions of micro-framework of election management.

And because Condorcet Voting has been designed and developed by the same person. You can find all the sources, manuals and help on Github.

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